With age and high traffic, the repair needs of parking systems start to increase—using our original spare parts, WÖHR can renovate your system and bring it up to the latest standards. Not only will we restore the functionality of your parking system, we also replace control, hydraulic, and mechanical parts on the basis of our assessment and individual expert advice. This way you can be sure that the electrical enclosures, drives, sensors, and software are in full working order and in compliance with all standards relevant for type testing.

Whether you have a parking system, individual garage, or double stacker—our experts take on renovation work of any magnitude, including replacing rusted driving plates and hydraulic parts, and improving the design. We look forward to working with you to develop a renovation concept for your parking system—because even for parkings systems that continue to function reliably, replacing wear parts contributes to the safety of drivers and cars and helps to prevent major defects in the long term. Find out more!


We have many years of experience in parking system renovation and can return your parking system to its former glory with a targeted renovation. We pay particular attention to compliance with the latest safety standards and the use of durable materials—for both mechanical and automatic parking systems. In many cases, it is only necessary to replace individual components of the system. For this reason, we subject all electrical cables, motors, monitoring sensors and system software to a thorough check to assess whether they need an overhaul or can continue to be used. Let our technicians advise you on the various options for renovation and modernization.


Do you have an older double-stack parking system that is no longer compliant with the latest safety standards? WÖHR inspects the structural integrity and TÜV certificate of your system and corrects any defects—from leaking hydraulic oil or warped guard rails through rusting floor plates and faulty electronics. For us, the safety of drivers and cars is paramount.

What’s more, if you have a hydraulic system, we also check the condition of your hydraulic oil and replace it if necessary. This is because the frequent lifting and lowering causes water to enter the oil circuit, which over time impairs the quality of the oil and, in turn, accelerates wearing of the hydraulic components.


When renovating garages, our technicians replace control, hydraulic, and mechanical parts on the basis of individual expert advice and the current condition of the garage. For example, rusted driving plates are replaced with new zinc-coated substrates, hydraulic oil is changed, and hydraulic parts are replaced, the structural integrity of the supports is tested, and control elements are replaced. At the end of our renovation work, your garage will be returned to full working order and will be almost as good as new. Because we’re not happy until you are. Modernization / renovation or repair of your parking system with Wöhr original spare parts. Individual advice from experts—competent and fast.