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Palais Coburg 5*Hotel / Vienna, Austria / PARKSAFE 580

Imperial living with high-tech parking in WÖHR Parksafe 580. Big use of small space – for maximum convenience.

Architect: Peter Pühringer, POK Pühringer Foundation, Vienna
Car parking system: WÖHR Parksafe 580

The 5-star hotel Palais Coburg in Vienna is located in the heart of Vienna’s Old Town, more precisely in the 1st District. The project is an important example of how to create attractive parking in dense urban areas with many historic buildings and hardly any free space.

The Palais Coburg offers its hotel guests and neighbouring residents 79 first-class parking spaces in the hotel’s high-tech parking system. The vehicles are stored safely, space-efficiently and fully automatically in 7 underground parking levels. At street level are two welcoming and brightly lit transfer cabins. The driver is led through the parking process over a monitor in the transfer cabin. As soon as the driver leaves the transfer cabin and confirms the parking process, the car is parked fully automatically in an available compartment. The vehicle is stored in the WÖHR Parksafe 580 as securely and reliably as in a safe.

Product specifications:

  • WÖHR Parksafe 580
  • 7 underground parking levels
  • 2 transfer cabins
  • Total parking area approx. 212 m²
  • Area per parking space approx. 2.7 m²
  • Total volume of parking area approx. 530 m³
  • Volume per parking space approx. 6.7 m³
  • Vehicle length 525 cm
  • Vehicle height 190 cm

Project plans