Palantine Bunker Hill / San Diego, USA / Combilift 543

Our partner Harding Autopark Systems used two WÖHR Combilift 543s to create 28 parking spaces in the underground car park.

Palatine Bunker Hill is a collection of luxury residences located just steps from the heart of downtown San Diego and Balboa Park. As the first semi-automated parking system installed in San Diego, it was approved by the City and Fire Department and created the benchmark for how parking systems must be designed, installed, tested and approved for the city.

The Combilift 543 is a semi-automatic parking system. The basic principle of the Combilift 543 is that there is one level in a pit, one level at the driving surface and one level above. 3 levels and all vehicles can be approached individually without having to unpark a vehicle. By moving the parking plates, parking on all parking bays is possible completely independently. The wide platforms (270 cm) make parking and unparking particularly convenient.

Another special feature is the integrated sliding doors with glass inserts, which give a luxurious look and feel. The client has paid great attention to detail when cladding the façade above and around the system. Each resident who purchases a platform in the garage can operate their semi-automated parking system using the optional smartphone app as well as programmed RFID chips. Charging stations for electric vehicles were also installed within the system.


  • 2x WÖHR Combilift 543
  • 28 parking spaces on 3 levels
  • Operation via app or RFID chip
  • Universal columns for on-site e-charging
  • Glazed sliding doors
  • Smart Profile 2.0

Project plans