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Ra'anana / Ra'anana, Israel / PARKLIFT 440/411

When it comes to gaining additional parking space cost-effectively in a short time, the parking lifts of the company WÖHR in Friolzheim is the number one choice. In Ra’anana in Israel, 354 new car parking spaces were created for a technology park in a short delivery and construction time.

The Ra’anana High Tech Park is a modern office and industrial complex in the town of Ra’anana not far from Tel Aviv. This is where innovative strength and entrepreneurial spirit are concentrated: Numerous global companies are working, among other things, on sustainable technologies for the future. No wonder that Ra’anana is known as the “green” city with high quality of life.


Parking space expansion without voracious consumption of land

Conscious approach to the use of scarce resources is omnipresent here. One resource in particularly short supply is parking space: Because the High Tech Park's three-storey parking garage was bursting at the seams, the owners decided to use the existing premises to create additional parking space going upwards by means of WÖHR parking lifts, to a large extent without any significant structural changes! Two mechanical dependent parking solutions were installed in the two upper parking levels, namely 6 WÖHR Parklifts 411 and 100 WÖHR Parkboxes 401. For the lowest parking level, 47 mechanical WÖHR Parklifts 440 were chosen with pit lowering in single and double version.


Dependent parking, affordable parking

Parklift 411 and Parkbox 401 are dependent parking systems. This means that, the lower level must be vacant in order to lower the upper parking level. This makes re-parking a little more time-consuming, but there is no need for a pit. The modules are simply anchored to the existing cement floor. Each Parklift 411 and each Parkbox 401 can take two vehicles each. The simple design also permits outdoor use, which was, however, dispensed with in Ra’anana.


Parklift 440: The choice when there is clearance below

For the lowest parking level 3, different versions of the WÖHR Parklift 440 were used. These are mechanical, horizontally accessible parking lifts with two levels. In contrast to the above-mentioned models, a Parklift 440 can also be lifted or lowered if there are already vehicles on both levels. Upon request by the authorised user, the parking lift raises or lowers to the ground level, so that it is possible to park horizontally on the cover plate or on the retractable lower level. Whether simple or convenient, parking solutions by WÖHR offer the right thing for every need.


Product specifications:

  • 6x Parklift 411 E 2.0
  • 100x Parkbox 401
  • 23x Parklift 440 E 2.0
  • 24x Parklift 440 D 2.0
  • A total of 354 parking spaces
  • Platform widths single systems up to 240 cm
  • Platform widths double systems up to 480 cm
  • Vehicle weight max. 2.0 t