Apolonio Morales / Madrid, Spain / PARKLIFT 462/463

Discreet parking with climate benefit. Renovation project in Madrid with WÖHR parking lifts are awarded the highest eco-certification.

June 2021 is experiencing a first in the history of ecological renovation: The renowned LEED® Green Building Rating System™ aims to enhance and promote sustainable building globally. Within the scope of this certification system, a renovation object in Europe is awarded a Platinum certification for the first time, the highest certification level that can be granted. The project members emphasise that the building Apolonio Morales 29 in the Spanish capital Madrid was one of the most ecological buildings in the whole of Europe. A building to whose excellent interior values the Swabian parking system specialist WÖHR has contributed.

14 underground parking spaces with an additional ecological benefit

The building is indeed a prime example of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly construction. Room ventilation and air conditioning, for instance, are run on geothermal energy (geothermal heat) and solar thermal energy (solar power). A new space and energy saving parking space solution is also part of the renewal concept. Due to the climate conditions in Madrid, a solution was required, which functions underground and is integrated into the air conditioning cycle of the building. It was decided to use WÖHR as an innovative partner for this challenging task. Two retractable mechanical double parking lifts of the model range 463-2,0 D with twelve parking spaces on three levels and one individual parking lift 462-2,3 E with two parking spaces on two levels were chosen. You can drive to the parking levels horizontally.

As an Eco project should be, the parking lifts were also fitted with electric charging stations. The surface of the cover plate was aligned with the floor covering of the exterior area so that the parking lifts are not visible outside the parking processes. The actual key feature of the project is that the concrete casing for the parking lift is functioning as a geothermal heat exchanger, which enables the generation of more energy to operate the air conditioning of the building complex. A “cool” idea for relaxed parking under the hot Madrid sun.

Images: © Fernández Molina Obras Y Servicios S A

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