Martin-Luther-Street 12 + 14 / Korntal, Germany / PARKLIFT 462 + CARPORT

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Architects: Stefan Eckerle, Stuttgart, Germany
WÖHR Parklift 462 D, plus a Protecco Duo Carport

The Parklift 462 double unit system features 4 underground car parking spaces. When lowered, the system retracts until it is flush to floor level. The cover plate platform is lined with the same paving stones used to pave the entrance driveway. A further two cars are parked under the travel-along carport, so that they are kept safe from wind and weather conditions.

The 5,5 kW tandem hydraulic power pack is assembled into the maintenance shaft and a ladder provides secure access into the shaft. The safety rails installed both to the rear and to the side ensure that neither animals nor persons can access the parking system when it is lifted.

Product data:

  • WÖHR Parklift 462 D, plus a Protecco Duo Carport
  • For a total of 6 parking places – 4 of them are retractable and lowered underground, 2 are positioned safely outdoors, under the Carport
  • Vehicle height: 200 cm
  • Platform width: 500 cm
  • Vehicle weight: 2.6 t
  • System operations with key interlock controls